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希拉蕊 還是川普

 KN RAO 印度占星學院創辦人
I had already hinted at the victory of Hillary thus in June on this website thus:
APPRAISAL OF MUNDANE PREDIC­TIONS - 2 我在今年六月分析國運一文已經揭示希拉蕊將勝出
25 June 2016, 8:16 PM

Who will win Clinton or Trump is a question which can be answered if an undisputed horo­scope of Hilary was available. One horoscope of her used by Shalini Dhasmana in 2001 predicting good future has proved correct so far as she became a Senator and United States Secretary of State. Now in the mahadasha of Moon in her tenth house and antardasha of Jupiter the tenth lord aspecting the tenth house are not her chances bright on the basis of this horoscope?

Shalini Dhasmana 曾在2001年以8:02PM的盤成功預測希拉蕊成為華府政壇的新星。經過多年之後,她歷任美國參議員、在歐巴馬任內當過國務卿。2016年 行太陰限,太陰入第十宮,亞限木映照第十宮,是否再再證明命盤的可信度?
( 21 June 2016)
Note: Rodden mentions the birth time thus” 蘿登 占星命譜內載 出生時間可議

Hillary Clinton : herself, according to Ingraham biography - natal chart (Placidus) Hillary Clinton : herself, according to Ingraham biography
- Alternative birthtime herself, according to Ingraham biography  出生時間引用政評家蘿拉 英格寒 所載(The Hillary Trap: Looking for Power in All the Wrong Places 是不是這位Ingraham,求證中)

Date 26 October 1947 at 20:00 (= 8:00 PM )
- Place      Chicago, IL (US), 41n51, 87w39
- Timezone CST h 6w (is standard time)
The reason why I accepted this horoscope used by Shalini Dhasmana is that this horoscope alone, not from other lagnas, shows her study in political science and law, the extraordinary rise of her husband, Bill Clinton, twice the president of USA and her own political rise. One of the events for verification is that in 1992 there was pain in her marriage ( one of the many) when Gennifer Flowers scandal affected the reputation of her husband the presidential candidate of the Democrats.

Shalini Dhasmana 定出的希拉蕊命盤理由是8:02PM的盤 大學主修政治、法律,嫁貴夫柯林頓連任美國總統兩次,自己在從政的路上也非常耀眼。更重要的是1992她先生與莫妮卡‧陸文斯基的外遇醜聞一一在命盤得到驗證。

格主按:KN Rao對希拉蕊大學主修政治與法律的論法:太陽、金星、水星入第五宮,其中金、水入Vishakha,主修跟木星有關的科目法律,此處土與火也是看修和科目的指標,受六宮的木星所照。


Rashi - Election being fought in her Moon Jupiter is most favourable as I had pointed out in June this year. But house, she will begin the antardasha of Saturn bad for her health. It may be worse for husband, Bill Clinton.

Navamsha- Moon in the sixth house here aspected by Mars, Mer and Ketu and conjoined with Rahu Sun shows her compulsion to get involved in a number of wars like attack on countries involved in their own fights. 此處九分盤誤植,應該是論十分盤。月入六為火計所照,和羅喉太陽。當上總統之後將啟動大規模戰爭,對很多國家用兵。
Dashamsha - Moon in the twelfth house and aspected by Mars which is also aspecting the eighth house shows worsening health of her husband Bill Clinton.

Two debilitated planets in her horoscope, Mars and Sun, fall under the Parashara exception and her Mars is exalted in her navamsha. Her father’s death in 1993 further confirms the birth time adopted here.
The other point
Whatever polls may indicate---Hillary winning outright is what we read---there is another view also from an Indian living in USA “l. k.
20 Oct 2016
Rao sir, 讀者來信評希拉蕊的盤,認為她不會當選,KN Rao藉此盤來比較8:02早上盤的論法
Debates are over and polls are suggesting that Clinton will win but I think trump has better chance based on the people's sentiments I speak to.
I don't think america or Americans are ready to accept a woman as president to begin with!!!


Rashi - Analyse yourself to see if this horoscope of Hillary is used, with the tenth house with a debilitated Mars with Saturn if she has any chance of winning at all. It will be the mahadasha of Sun debilitated and antardasha Rahu in the eighth house.

Navamsha - The antardasha lord Rahu is again in the eighth house here.

九分盤 羅喉在八宮 

Dirty US Election 2016 以下以時勢看美國總統選舉的扯污爛文化


Dirty election it is: the election is not being fought on major issues , it appears, but on exposing each other’s sordid sexual side being the point of emphasis in the case of Hillary of her husband’s and in the case of Trump himself. See this one piece.


Who's creepy now? Trump attacks Joe Biden with Tweet of video highlighting Vice President's 'long his­tory of groping'


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is pointing to vice president Joe Biden's 'long history of groping,' after a long line of women has emerged accusing Trump of kissing or groping them. On Monday Trump retweeted a clip that combined the many times Biden has rubbed women's shoulders and even whispered in the ear of a senator's daughter during swearing-in ceremonies. The video, set to mood music that might be found in a 1970s skin flick, stitches together footage of Biden, known as a back-slapping politician when he was in the Senate, touching, massaging, and whispering to a number of women during televised swearing-in ceremonies there.” http://www.dailymail.co.uk/ushome/index.html


Then some revelations against Hillary Clinton by Assange, which it was said, would tilt the election against Hillary, have been blocked. it is reported in the New York Times. Ecuador: We have 'temporarily restricted' Assange's internet



Oct. 18, 2016 7:59 PM EDT


London Embassy, Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2016. QUITO, Ecuador (AP) — Ecuador's government acknowledged on Tuesday that it cut off WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's internet access at its embassy in London after the whistle-blowing site published a trove of damaging emails from Hillary Clinton's presidential cam­paign.


“The foreign ministry said that while it stands by its 2012 decision to grant Assange asylum based on legitimate concerns he faces political persecution, it respects other nations' sovereignty and doesn't interfere or support any candidate in foreign elections.”


US press is also talking of the strange fact that while Republicans have been generally hostile to Russia, this time it is the Democratic candidate Hillary warning the world of the dangers of revanchist Russia. Since the planetary position of coming years is showing international tensions increasing the possibility of a Hillary victory fits into this pattern. It is clear from the horoscope of USA with Simha lagna and the coming the dasha of Rahu in the twelfth house showing US involvement on a much greater scale in international aggression.以美國國運盤加希拉蕊論世界局勢。

KN Rao 判斷:川普從初選到共和黨推為總統候選人勢如破竹,但從印度占星看,敗象已成,不能登大位。

Rashi -Trump is fighting election in Rahu Mars, Moon. Moon is the twelfth lord, debilitated and aspected by Mars which is good but Moon is not strong enough to make his fight memorable being on the losing side.

川普羅喉 火星開始競選美國總統的確聲勢驚人,但在關鍵處太陰卻嫌不足以登大寶。

Dashamansha - Moon may have improved here but Mars in the twelfth house is not helpful. 


With the Mithuna lagna horoscope I stick to, I have been repeatedly insisting, and in writing from June 2016, that Hillary will be the winner in this election. 


And I will also predict that world tensions will increase during her tenure but her own health will become worse. 


Either she will not survive or become inactive. We will have something of a repetition of the times of the fourth term of President Roosevelt during the second world war. 

就算於任期內她不良於行,也像二次大戰的美國總統羅斯福連任四任總統一樣,一直在位。(KN Rao暗示將有大戰)


It is also possible that after the elections Assange will be allowed to leak his emails. It may do damage to Hillary and a new controversy or even a threat of impeachment may prove dangerous for her.

格主按:名人的命盤來源很重要,希拉蕊的生日與時間來源,KN Rao在文中顯得很保守。間接得來的資料,都要很小心求證。 如果希拉蕊生日無誤,她的太陰其實很弱,要在太陰運登大寶,格局上甚弱。 相較之下川普的本命羅喉與火星都非常強,鹿死誰手,在希拉蕊的命盤不明朗的情況下,還很難下定論。